Larry’s Testimony


Larry was born into a church going family, but was never taught (or never learned) his Father God was the amazing Lord of Love He is. Larry accepted Jesus as his Savior when he was still a child, but always thought he had to do things perfect in order to be a good Christian, which of course, he could never achieve. Self-condemnation and selfishness then became the primary motivations or influences on him living life in a nearly continual state of “running from God” — during his teen years and most of his adult life. Sure, there were periods of time when he would resume the faith walk, but never for any length of time. And he was exposed to some good “grace teaching” from several sources/pastors along the way, but true grace just never sunk in. Larry just couldn’t seem to accept he was loved unconditionally by God.

But all that changed several years ago. Without going into all the reasons or circumstances which positively affected his acceptance of grace, Larry almost immediately began a love-walk with his Lord, which will continue for eternity.

Before then, during those periods when he was following/seeking the Lord, always in the back of his mind — he would wonder how long it would be before he’d run again. Without knowing it, he was setting himself up for failure. He was listening to the lies of the enemy.

Larry now enjoys spending time communing with God through the Holy Spirit. He loves listening to his hero, Jesus — in scripture, from His sweet whispering voice, through others, or any way the Lord chooses to speak. Larry also loves others more now than ever before.

The Story of JESUS, His Angels and Apple Jelly

The story is a tale of two eleven year old boys, one African/American, one white, who became best friends several decades ago, and remain so to this day. But their lives and faith in God took completely separate paths. Each had to discover the answers to their own doubts about His faithfulness to them.

Hardships of life, tragedies, and prison played key roles in developing the men those boys later became. Each learned to do something many men never do — they learn to expose and express their inner most feelings. And they eventually learn that God is faithful and true — and that love never fails.

Jesus in all His magnificence and glorious love, manifests along the way. His angels appear when least expected, but when surely needed — or maybe just because of the Father’s love.

You, as a reader, may cry a little or feel sad. But you’ll probably also chuckle a time or two with the light humor. But keep your hope level up as the characters go through the valleys of hopelessness — because there are mountains on the horizon.

The story itself contains 77,777 words, which may or may not mean anything to you as a reader. But it certainly meant much to the author. Admittedly, he recognized the possibility of that unique word count when nearing the completion of the final revision/edit -- and he slightly changed a couple sentences to make sure of that count.

FORWARD excerpts: by Pastor Trey Dickerson

…. Which leads me to Jesus, His Angels, and Apple Jelly: If you read it through the lens of the Holy Spirit, you will see that same Gospel presented throughout its pages. Yes, you will find in this beautiful story of love, redemption and purpose, the very Gospel that touched its author’s life. And this is one of the reasons that I would highly recommend this book to everyone: It is because while it is certainly a well-written, captivating story of the relationship between two childhood friends who find their own paths to discovering the truth, it is also laced with the truth itself and has the potential to do something even a preacher of the Gospel might never accomplish—help a person to see the light of God’s goodness, love and grace.

This is a parable, and as the Lord Jesus constantly taught His hearers through these kinds of stories, I believe you too can be taught the Gospel through this engaging story. So, enjoy this parable, while asking God to speak to you through it. I believe He will, and when you complete it, you will be able to say something to the effect of, “I learned something through this book. I learned that there is always hope with our God of hope, that there is redemption found in His name, and that love never fails.” Be impacted by the grace of God as you read Jesus, His Angels and Apple Jelly, in Jesus name. Amen.


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